Cell phones and marriage

A lot has changed since last we spoke regularly. I’m no longer a practicing insurance agent. In a startling revelation, I finally figured out that selling expensive health insurance policies in the poorest county in the state of Wisconsin might not actually be the fast-track to financial success.

Sure, seems obvious now, once you say it like that. Live and learn, I guess. I had a good experience along the way but my inability to make enough to even keep basic food on the table soon made it clear I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing.

So, I’ve moved back (or am in the process of doing so) to the Twin Cities. And instead of insurance, I’m selling cell phones, of all things. Well, it makes sense, in a way. After all, I used to do well selling computers and most smart phones and Blackberries are increasingly computer-like. So far it’s been a month of getting resettled, learning the product I’m selling and gearing things up for sales success. Since I’m now selling in the richly populated and relatively well-to-do Twin Cities instead of Check-to-Check, Wisconsin, I believe I’m actually going to do well this time. Things are lining up for a successful experience, and that’s a relief.

I’m also doing some phone work for some Minnesota insurance agents, though I’m not selling myself; I’ve considered maintaining my insurance license and transferring it over to Minnesota, just to keep my options open for the future. But for now, I’m enjoying the wireless phone biz.

I’m now less than six weeks out from my wedding, as well. It’s taken me nearly 40 years to get to this point in my life and despite all the stress and tension and everything else that goes along with getting married, I’m actually enjoying myself. Sure, money is a big question until the sales start closing; but the prospect of finally going through a wedding ceremony and some kind of honeymoon and opening my life up to another person is actually kind of fun in spite of all that comes with it. Not to sound cliche, but I am marrying the person who has become my best friend, and that’s quite something once it actually happens to you.

Still, life tosses plenty at you to make it a trial. In June alone, we learned my mother has hardening of the arteries and won’t be with us much longer; we’re praying she at least makes it to the wedding before God calls her home. And I also endured my first-ever kidney stone, an extremely painful and terrifying experience the first time you go through it without knowing what the heck is going on. It took four shots – count ’em, four – of morphine to even bring my pain under control. That was not a good day, either.

But now it’s July 4, the most patriotic of all holidays, and with less than six weeks to go before I wave goodbye to single life, all I have to say is this: good riddence, single life! Time for a new chapter – even if it means, as it does for every married couple, a whole new set of problems.

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