California’s child support situation

One of the many things that are messed up, moreso in California than anywhere else, are how child support cases are handled in that state. Was listening to the radio today and a guy called in to a talk show and shared his story.

Seems an ex-girlfriend of his, who he’d never slept with, got knocked up by another guy she had a one-nighter with. Not knowing that guy’s name, she put his in as the father and he was sued by California for child support. Noticed arrived to him late and he missed the court date, resulting in summary judgment against him for full child support.

Thy guy got the ex to recant, but the state won’t reverse the judgment because even though he’s not the dad – even the ex admits that now – the state would rather stick him with the bill than take the burden back on the state.

Missing a court date is a bugger, but at least now there are DNA testing services available that could’ve helped him prove he wasn’t the parent when falsely accused like that. The prices are lower than I expected, meaning that you don’t need to be a CEO to prove whether you’re a parent or not.

Normally, I’d say practicing some premarital self-control would prevent situations like this. That’s why this story caught my attention. This guy remained celibate with this gal and he’s still stuck with paying child support. Yikes!

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