Ugh… winter’s about to get serious…

Well, we’ve avoided it longer than any winter in recent memory, but forecasts are for snow by Christmas here in Minnesota. I know, I know, I live here, I should expect it and be used to it by now.

Trouble is, this winter, I’m driving in a less reliable car than I’ve owned in a long, long time. The tires are way too tread-worn, the engine’s old and the car doors don’t even lock. (Well, half of them do, but what good is that?) Heck, even the heater doesn’t work!

I’ve been thinking the best way to handle the situation is to start being smart and stocking my car with emergency kits, in case the worst happens. I think blankets, candles, matches, some non-perishable food and maybe even some bottled water would be a good start.

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