Saddam to die within 30 days

Although Human Rights Watch and other “keep evil folks alive and let the innocent die at their hands” groups are sure to be annoyed, an Iraqi appeals court ruled this week that former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s conviction and death sentence were legitimate, and he must be executed within the next 30 days.

It’s a move that is certain to drive Hussein’s fellow Sunnis, as well as al-Qaeda, France and Democrats into fits of rage. After all, didn’t the Dems and their supporters win last November? Doesn’t that mean all terrorists get to go free?

With folks like John Kerry going as far as saying that Iraq would have been better off if the US had never invaded and left Saddam in control, it seems at least the Iraqi courts disagree. They feel their country will be better off with the former brutal dictator assuming room temperature. Imagine that.

The hot topic right now is whether his execution should be televised. The left-wing media types (and what other types are there?) say no, even though most won’t hesitate to take advantage, at least to some degree, when Muslim terror groups execute someone like Daniel Pearl and broadcast that.

Personally, I think each country should decide for itself, and as long as Iraq is cool with it, I wouldn’t mind if Saddam’s execution were televised. However, in the US, I do think it would be better if it were not televised over public airwaves on free TV.

A better approach, to make sure that only those who want to see Saddam put down will see it, is to make it available as a pay-per-view event, perhaps through C-SPAN or CourtTV. Now, I’m not talking about charging a huge fee for it. A modest $4.99 or $9.99 would be appropriate, with proceeds going to Iraqi children’s charities. And the event should be made available free of charge to all Terror War veteran military families.

It’s a controversial proposal, I know, but it guarantees that those who want to see it can, and those who don’t want to see it because of their children or whatnot, won’t accidentally be exposed while flipping through channels.

Forget all the ridiculous Democratic claims that there was no connection between 9-11 and Saddam. Even if there wasn’t a 100-percent direct tie, Saddam did sponsor terrorist groups and was a legitimate target in the War on Terror.

What a nice way to start off 2007! Sure, death is grim, but the death of someone who caused so much human suffering over the last 30 or so years as did Saddam? Weeping for him is like weeping for Mao or Hitler or Mussolini or Stalin.

In fact, it may become a bit of a moment for printable greeting cards. Although Ramadan, Hanukkah, and Christmas are past, we’re in the middle of Kwanza with New Year’s Eve bearing down on us. Adding in a greeting card event for the execution of a brutal dictator might seem crass, but I think at least some military families would agree. Whether a “Happy Execution of Saddam” day card is your cup of tea or not, printable online greeting cards are still a solid idea for other special occasions.

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