Saddam dead by Sunday? Happy New Year indeed!

The Associated Press is reporting, despite conflicting sources, that bloodthirsty former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein could be dead as early as Sunday, just in time to keep the brutal sponsor of terror from seeing any part of 2007. Happy New Year, indeed!

If Saddam is dead by Sunday, it could mean that 2007 will mark the real, literal beginning of a post-Saddam Iraq, which will certainly be good news for the Iraqi people. Sure, there are threats of increased violence, but since when hasn’t that been the case? Iraq’s government is solidifying and increasingly taking the lead in military action, as well as the brunt of the casualties, with American playing less of a frontline and more of a supportive role as each week goes by.

Bottom line: we’re winning, and not because the Dems won in November. Take that, Al Franken!

If 2007 marks the beginning of a Saddam-free Iraq, it would be on par with VE Day and the beginning of a Hitler-free Europe. It’s times like this that the present looks a little less grim and you want to get away from it all. Or maybe the cold of winter is starting to get to me… I don’t know.

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