Schwarzenegger agrees with Democrats

Never trust a man married to a Kennedy. That’s the lesson California Republicans are learning with Gov. Terminator in the state house. In a plan unveiled today, Schwarzenegger laid out a plan that is so much like HillaryCare, she might be able to sue the California governator for plagiarism.

While recuperating from his skiing accident, Gov. RINO has not enjoyed time on a boat charter or a similar form of recreation while waiting for his leg to heal, but instead has hard-charged ahead on his new “Democrat in GOP clothing” agenda like LaDanien Tomlinson in a playoff game. This new “HillaryCare Lite” platform from the Governator has won him the “strange new respect” that GOP politicians like John McCain enjoy when they reveal their true RINO status.

I’ll give Schwarzenegger some credit: he’s not as incompetent as the man he replaced, Grey Davis. But he’s also not a Republican.

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