Is Mike Huckabee a contender?

The nation’s still recovering from eight years of Bill Clinton, but former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a Republican, thinks America’s ready for another Razorback in the White House.

Now, granted, Huckabee’s drawn some attention for his incredible in-office weight loss efforts. If he was running for The Biggest Loser, he’d be a strong candidate. If I wanted to know which are the best diet pills, Mike’s my guy.

But president? Of the whole USA, or just of Weight Watchers? Sure, there are some interesting aspects to the idea. Huckabee actually was born in Hope, Arkansas, whereas Slick Willie was actually from Hot Springs. Huckabee was also only the third Republican to win the state house down there since Reconstruction, and he managed to be named one of the five best Governors in the US by TIME Magazine.

Now, granted, Huckabee is a far more genuine conservative that anyone else out in the GOP field. He is a former Baptist minister and has given lip-service, at least, to teaching creation science theory alongside Darwin.

But if Bill Clinton has taught America, and especially Republicans, anything, it’s this: Never, ever trust an Arkansas governor. Hopefully, Huckabee won’t be the only option for conservatives in 2008.

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