Obama files … *yawn*

Well, Democrat Senator Barack Hussein Obama of Illinois has filed the papers to set up an exploratory committee to figure out if it’s worth his time to run for president in 2008. May I yawn yet? Too early?

As charismatic as Sen. Obama may be, the truth of the matter is, any Democrats who think a White House run by this guy will prove as lopsided as his virtually unopposed Senate run in 2004 was are deluding themselves, or at least chugging an energy drink too many.

Truth is, Obama is attractive as a candidate primarily because he’s an unknown quantity. He hasn’t had a chance to tick many people off yet. But is a U.S. Senator with two years of experience at the federal level ready to be President?

Sorry, but no. Maybe in 2012 or 2016, but 2008 is too soon.

Of course, since Wonderful Pessimist caucuses with the GOP, it’s not like I care that much. If the GOP does its job and nominates someone good – meaning, someone who’s not John McCain at the very least – then who the Dems nominate won’t matter that much.

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