Pravda Minneapolis follows the money … to its own pages!

Pravda Minneapolis wants everyone to believe they are the newspaper of record, the only intelligent paper for Minnesotans to buy. And yet they feature stories like this on their front page and prominently displayed on their Web site all the time.

Let me ask this as simply as possible: what the heck is any serious news organization doing covering the state lottery, especially when there’s no winner? They’re basically collaborating with the state to sell more tickets on the long-shot dream of a big payday that for most people never comes to fruition.

For all its pretensions as a liberal paper and source of all things “fair” … having Pravda Minneapolis tout the state lottery is a huge sellout of its liberal values. After all, even most politicians see the lottery as the most regressive form of taxation – even though it’s voluntary – ever devised by state governments.

Buying a lottery ticket and expecting to win stacks the odds so much against you, one would have a far better chance of buying a ticket and hoping that Pope Benedict would show up and do karaoke at your child’s First Communion party, loaded down with first communion gifts straight from the Vatican vaults.

Shame on you, Pravda Minneapolis!

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