More climatologists climb on ‘anti-global warming’ bandwagon

Well, it’s about time some folks started speaking up and admitting the man who invented the Internet is full of crap. A growing number of meteorologists and climatologists are speaking out against the myth of global warming as bunk science promoted purely for grant-money gravy train reasons.

The latest is an ABC weatherman from Alabama named James Spann. Spann blows the lid off the grant money-driven shell game that is global warming mythology, exposing it for the pork-barrel project it is, rather than the hard science it claims to be. If global warming research is fat in the government budget, consider Spann the fat burner.

Spann writes, “Billions of dollars of grant money is flowing into the pockets of those on the man-made global warming bandwagon. No man-made global warming, the money dries up. This is big money, make no mistake about it. Always follow the money trail and it tells a story.”

He continues, “Nothing wrong with making money at all, but when money becomes the motivation for a scientific conclusion, then we have a problem. For many, global warming is a big cash grab. The climate of this planet has been changing since God put the planet here. It will always change, and the warming in the last 10 years is not much difference than the warming we saw in the 1930s and other decades. And, lets not forget we are at the end of the ice age in which ice covered most of North America and Northern Europe. If you don’t like to listen to me, find another meteorologist with no tie to grant money for research on the subject. I would not listen to anyone that is a politician, a journalist, or someone in science who is generating revenue from this issue.”

Of course, this kind of talk never makes it to the airwaves, I suspect. Why? Let’s turn to Spann again!

Spann writes, “Some “climate expert” on “The Weather Channel” wants to take away AMS certification from those of us who believe the recent “global warming” is a natural process. So much for “tolerance”, huh? … I have nothing against “The Weather Channel”, but they have crossed the line into a political and cultural region where I simply won’t go.”

Of course, I’ve felt the same way and said the same thing for years. Heck, when I was a kid, our Scholastic Weekly Reader was gloomily predicting a new Ice Age on the way … not the movie, either! Now it’s global warming. But don’t believe me … I’m just a wonderful pessimist. There are plenty of folks like Spann out there who know the truth, even if they are threatened to be drummed out of the broadcast industry if they don’t tow the proper political line…

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