Lieberman may support GOP prez candidate

My oh my, did the Democrats make a mistake in ticking off Joe Lieberman or what? Since winning re-election as an independent after his own Democratic party tried to oust him for not being a pure enough liberal, Sen. Lieberman – his party’s VP candidate only seven years ago – announced on Fox News Sunday that he may throw his support behind a GOP or independent candidate in 2008, and that his support for Democratic candidates for the White House is no longer a lock.

“I’m going to do what most independents and a lot of Democrats and Republicans in America do, which is to take a look at all the candidates and then in the end, regardless of party, decide who I think will be best for the future of our country,” Lieberman said Sunday.

Sounds like Sen. Lieberman should start investing in some new professional business cards; if he continues his centerist drift, he may have to leave the “D” “I” and “R” off his name as a party designation; he’s governing this time around more as an American than as a party loyalist.

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