Elie Weisel attacked by Holocaust denier

It’s trendy among some these days to praise Iran for their so-called “intellectual honesty” in “reinvestigating the historical accuracy of the claims and scale of the Holocaust.” Iran’s Holocaust-deniers conference in December of 2006 even drew some oddball Jewish scholars to the conference.

Yet that’s nothing more than a mask to the antisemitic hatred of Holocaust deniers. That was made clear on February 1 at a San Francisco hotel, when famed author Elie Weisel, whose memoir, Night, recalling his experiences surviving the Auschwitz death camp in Nazi Germany, won him a 1986 Nobel Prize for literature, was attacked by a man who’d been stalking him, apparently for weeks, and is a Holocaust denier.

According to a report on Examiner.com, the suspect accosted Weisel with the intent to get him to “admit” that is memoir, Night, was fictitious. However, when Weisel began screaming for help the assailant fled the scene.

In a disturbing development, a poster to the antisemtic Web site, ZioPedia.com, identifying himself only “Eric Hunt,” took credit for the attack, bragging out it and his intent. The San Francisco police are investigating and admit that “Eric Hunt” is the focus of their investigation.

Hopefully, Weisel can recuperate someplace safer, soon; perhaps at an Orlando vacation rental location. One would hope that he’d be safer there.

San Francisco is the home district of Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

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