A $3 billion surplus? Time for a tax increase, say DFLers!

Minnesotans, despite the StarTribune and Pioneer Press claims, are heavily overtaxed. The proof was revealed today: the average claim is that there will be a $2 billion-plus budget surplus for the states budget biennium ending in 2008.

And actually, if it weren’t for some creative accounting that pre-spends a LOAD of money, we actually have more like a $3 billion surplus. Of course, the local papers, which are merely fronts for DFL headquarters, are saying that even the $2 billion they can’t deny is there even with the most creative accounting, is actually a mirage. Which, of course, means you’d better not expect any type of rebate or tax reduction.

In fact, the DFL-controlled Minnesota state senate and state house are proposing new taxes left and right, every time they get a chance. It’s like livin’ la vida ’70s, to these tax-n-spenders. Wa-hoo! Yee-haw! Buy some Coaster furniture while you’re at it!

We need a new sheriff in town to bring these jokers under control. We’re already losing way too much of our business base to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. If we go the way these DFLers are leading us, we’ll lose far more, and more rapidly at that!