McCain keeps skipping conservatives… no kidding, Sherlock!

Beltway newspaper The Hill is breathlessly reporting that Arizona Senator John McCain and deluded GOP presidential nominee John McCain has “skipped his fourth conservative conference event in a row.” C’mon, is anyone really surprised by this?

Only by the standards set by the New York Times and the StarTribune is McCain even remotely considered a conservative, and the smarter folks on those staffs know it’s a sham. McCain’s a liberal, they know it, but if they can label him a conservative long enough, maybe they can convince the GOP faithful to vote for him and then, no matter who wins in ’08, it’ll be a liberal.

Sorry, Elana Schor, but Wonderful Pessimist isn’t buying what you’re selling, even if all it is, is pet supplies. Ever since jumpin’ Jim Jeffords left the GOP, McCain’s been just about the most liberal Republican on Capitol Hill. We’ll do our presidential shopping elsewhere, thank you!

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