One of the 57 percent!

According to a CBS News/New York Times opinion poll, 57 percent of GOP voters would prefer having more choices to pick from in the upcoming presidential season. For once, CBS/NYT has a poll I can agree with, even though I still think that all polls are hokum.

Of course, the primary reason at least 57 percent of GOP voters want more choices is because the three main front-runners are moderates at best, and in the case of John McCain, full-blown RINOs. While current front-runner Rudy Giuliani is the least objectionable RINO candidate, it remains true that Giuliani and Mitt Romney are northeast liberals of the highest order, even if they do wear GOP clothing. And geography has nothing to do with McCain’s liberalism.

Of course, there are minor conservatives out there, but none that are sparking a fire under GOP voters’ butts. Sam Brownback: Who? Mike Huckabee: Another Arkansasan to the White House? Not likely. Umm… are there any other conservatives in the race? Maybe even via video conferencing?


Over the weekend, former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson, a Reagan Republican of the highest order, tossed his hat into the ring. Thompson has name recognition because aside from his stint as senator, he’s been in the Die Hard movies with Bruce Willis and a regular on Law and Order. He’s a minor celebrity.

Now, no one is saying that Thompson’s the second coming of Ronald Reagan, and certainly if Georgia’s Newt Gingrich eventually tosses his hat in the ring, he has more name recognition, but Thompson’s the first decent conservative to enter the race this year. The real question is whether he can compete with the three RINO stooges, Giuliani, McCain and Romney.

I’m not sure he can, but I’d love to see him succeed. He possesses a higher profile than Huckabee, and people know who he is. That’s a plus. And Gingrich may never enter the race, for all we know. For now, Thompson is the default favored candidate of Wonderful Pessimist, but we’re still taking applications.

C’mon, conservatives! Pull your heads out of the sand and stand up for limited government, lower taxes, a free market economy and all the other values that made the GOP a majority party under Reagan-Bush and a congressional majority under Gingrich.

Conservatism works every time it’s embraced. Pulling back from it and governing like Democrats? That just makes folks want to vote for the real liberals.

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