Cancer recurrs on both sides of the aisle

If there’s one thing in this world that’s nonpartisan, it’s cancer.

In the past week, prominent figures from both parties have received bad cancer news. About a week ago, Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Democratic Senator and current presidential contender John Edwards, found out that her cancer was back.

The prominent breast cancer survivor received the worst possible news; not only has her cancer recurred, but it’s moved into her bones, is inoperable and incurable. For Mrs. Edwards, it’s now a matter of when, not if. The deepest sympathies of Wonderful Pessimist go out to her.

Over the weekend, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow found out similar bad news. Snow beat colon cancer two years ago, but it’s back again, this time hitting his liver. Snow, it turns out, has a chance to beat back this second bout. His liver cancer has been determined to be potentially treatable, although his treatments will require him to step back from his White House duties for an undetermined period of time.

Again, the deepest sympathies of Wonderful Pessimist go out to him.

There is no political point to score with this post; I’m not even going to attempt to smoothly work in my reference to motorcycle sunglasses. Instead, it’s just a time out to say it’s been a crappy week for two political families and everyone who cares about them.

A moment of silence, please… use it as you will.

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