Contradiction in terms: Democrats and fiscal discipline

A while back, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty proposed a $70 million public works spending bill that some conservatives thought to be a bit too spendy. Yet trust the DFL to make Gov. Pawlenty look like a conservative… by showing absolutely no fiscal restraint whatsoever.

The Senate bill would hike that figure to $307 million in public works spending – more than four times the amount Pawlenty asked four. The state House is a bit more modest, proposing only a $289 million version of the bill – still four times more than the governor’s request.

Democrats and fiscal discipline are just like Powell furniture and a poor value; they’re absolute strangers. Just as Powell furniture is never a poor value, no DFL politician has ever demonstrated any fiscal discipline. This prove it all over again. No wonder they’re trying to hike our taxes despite a multi-billion-dollar state surplus! Nothing’s ever “enough” for tax-n-spend liberals.

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