Coughing more of a threat than terrorism?

Is coughing now more of a security concern than being named, “Osama bin Laden?” It would appear so, at least on Continental Airlines, which recently ordered a 16-year-old girl off a flight home with classmates because she had – get this – a coughing spell, according to an online report.

The girl was ordered off the plane at the discretion of the pilot, who told her she was too sick to fly. For a coughing fit? Try giving the poor girl a glass of water first, for heaven’s sake!

Of course, the girl and her family are likely to be receiving loads of business cards from eager lawyers who see a chance to sue over the incident, but really, what threat did a girl coughing in her seat pose? Recent reports have consistently shown that simply having a name like Osama bin Laden isn’t enough to get you on the airlines’ no-fly list, and yet if someone coughs for a bit longer than a pilot deems appropriate, they are removed?

Yeah, priorities are straight there, Continental!

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