A quick note about comments

I receive, believe it or not, a fairly steady stream of comments on Wonderful Pessimist and my other blogs. I enjoy the give and take most of the time, but there’s a reason I don’t publish many of them.

I’m not afraid to publish comments that take me to task, disagree with me or point out facts I’ve overlooked. What I don’t like is people who are too unsure of their own critiques to sign their real names.

It’s a pretty simple rule for feedback on Wonderful Pessimist: if you want a shot at having your rebuttal published (since I do moderate comments), then have the courage of your convictions enough to put your name to your comments. That’s the bare minimum. If you leave your identity blank, or you put up some abbreviation like “P2” (hi P2) or put up an obviously made-up, fictional name (like Peter Parker) or some Internet handle (like JimmyCarterLover), you’re not getting your comment past me and onto my blog no matter how much I like and respect your comment.

I don’t hide who I am. Craig’s my real name. I put my name to all my blogs. I expect the same “courage of your convictions” from anyone who wants to comment on Wonderful Pessimist.

That being the minimum standard, I only have one other requirement: I won’t publish foul language or anything that smacks of racial hatred (like antisemitism) under any circumstances. I keep my comments intelligently argued, without foul language, and I expect the same of anyone else who wants to comment here.

So, keep that in mind, folks. I welcome the opinions of others, but if you won’t sign your name to your thoughts, can’t make your argument without cussing and make comments of a hateful nature, you’re not going to appear on Wonderful Pessimist.

However, if you wish to make an intelligent counterpoint argument, sign your name to it, and steer clear of hatred and foul language, I welcome comments from perspectives other than mine.

Nuff said.

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