Gore training environmental socialist militia

The former Vice President, Al Gore (D-Tenn.), an Oscar winner for his socialist environmental hype film, is training a private environmental militia, according to recent online reports. A group of 50 of an eventual 1,000 foaming-at-the-mouth volunteers are currently in training at Gore’s Tennessee farm and will soon be unleashed on America.

Their mission? To keep cramming the environmental lies contained in his film, An Inconvenient Truth, down America’s throat by having these volunteers travel the country, doing Gore’s PowerPoint presentation in his absence.

The Gore propaganda is predicted to spread faster without his personal involvement, yet it’s not like Gore’s information is as tested, tried and true as an education film on prescription drug addiction.

In fact, a growing number of scientists, including many of those listed on the alleged group of “2,500 of the world’s top scientists” the Gore spoke so glowingly of, are producing an increasing amount of contrary evidence with each passing weak.

The central theme to Gore’s socialist propaganda is that human-produced CO2 is destroying the environment by creating an effect called “global warming,” despite the fact that as recently as 1975, the same extremists were promoting the theory of “global cooling.”

Yet what Gore never acknowledges in his “Convenient Lie” propaganda is that human activity accounts for less than one tenth of one percent of all atmospheric CO2. The biggest source? The world’s oceans, via natural evaporation.

I could drone on endlessly about the lies and deceptions in Gore’s propaganda, but it’s easier and more believable if you research it yourselves: Check out the excellent BBC documentary, The Great Global Warming Swindle. That’ll set you straight!

One thought on “Gore training environmental socialist militia”

  1. I find it funny that a person who cares about their country, displayed in the waving flag and military personal as your banner, actually would go against the social grain of wanting a sustainable lifestyle. You criticize Al Gore for supposedly lying about environmental issues to try to get people to do the right thing and limit the human ecological imprint on the earth but you say nothing about the fact that in California the smog is so bad children are born with lacerations in their lungs. You pick and choose your facts like everyone else but in all actuality offer no real, circular, argument to prove any of your points. There is nothing but negativity from this “blog”.

    Also, what about Gore’s movie, platform, or actions have you convinced that he’s a socialist, does socialist actions, or is a socialist sympathizer? Did you forget that he was a co-signer of the most notorious, anti-worker, pro-global corporation, trade agreement in US history?

    I would suggest that you actually do some homework about Socialism instead of regurgitating right-wing rhetoric which is not only false and misleading, but also learn why you are so drawn to the right-wing and their negative slants against anything that is not beneficial to white American culture. There a word for this called fascism, and America’s right-wing, “white is right” culture, like Michael Medved, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the entire Fox News crew, are all fascists claiming that the things they represent are freedom and responsibility, when in fact, they are the exact opposite leaving an ignorant and often bigoted audience.

    Never forget that you are a child of those who were rapists, thieves, pillagers, and murders. The vikings, the first European sailors, gave the world a rude awakening about exactly how treacherous and deplorable their culture is. Remember this and attempt to change, not codify.

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