Is Edwards enough of a grown-up to be president?

Dismissing everything from September 11 to present – the entire War of Terror – as a “bumper sticker, not a plan,” Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has displayed a shocking lack of maturity, and possibly a need for pet supplies rather than campaign contributions.

It opens up the question of whether Edwards, despite his age, is enough of a grown-up to be president of the United States. It’s fine to be opposed to the war, to suggest there’s a different way to conduct it, even a preference for ending it before the war is won. Folks can debate the merits of such proposals and base their voting decisions of it.

But to deny six years of actual history as a campaign slogan is to display such a shocking lack of maturity and temperament as to make one wonder if Edwards has the gravitas to serve. Certainly, the comment drew a response from the current president, George W. Bush. On Thursday at the White House, in a news conference, Bush took a swipe at Edwards, indirectly, when he said, “This notion that this isn’t a war on terror is, in my view, naive.”

Naive, immature and dangerous, in the Wonderful Pessimist’s assessment. Of course, Edwards’ entire party is burying their heads in the sand of late, wanting to wipe out the very term “War On Terror” from official government use.

Sure… the war is like a bad dream. If you ignore it, it’ll go away. Just keep believing that through the 2008 elections, Dems. You’ll be doing the GOP a big electoral favor. Thanks!

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