Global warming generating plenty of "hot air"

Committed anti-capitalist lefties are worked up in such a lather over global warming, they’re starting to sound even wackier than the fuhrer of the environmentalist movement, Al Gore. If they keep ratcheting up the increasingly-unfounded claims, it could become a challenge to determine this summer which will be the bigger challenge: to buy World Series tickets or to buy tickets to the end of the world.

Geoffrey Lean, environmental editor of Britain’s lefty rag, The Independent, claims global warming has suddenly accelerated to “three times faster than the worst predictions.” As a Chicken Little campaign speech, it makes for fascinating reading from a panicked mind. But it’s not science.

The real whopper here is that Lean makes claims of such new “evidence” based on studies that have been conducted, allegedly, for over 30 years now. Get real: 30 years of date don’t change the information they record with the political winds and whims of politicians and other wackos. Of course, how such data is interpreted certainly does.

It’s all very subjective, you see. Pure scientific date records what it records. But interpreting it is less detached. If one scientist goes in wanting to prove global warming, they can find what they need to prove it … usually by isolating only the data that supports their hypothesis and ignoring inconvenient contradictions. Same goes for those who wish to disprove it.

What is much more clear is history. The earth, during the stretch of human history on it, has been much colder than it is now; it has also been much warmer than it is now. All long before the industrial revolution, the invention of the steam engine or the birth and public utterances of Al Gore (himself a considerable source of global hot air, if not quite global warming.)

The Earth’s been there, done that, and it’s still here. ‘Nuff said.

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