Uh-oh: Bush caves on climate

One of the most heroic political acts of George W. Bush’s first time, prior to the challenges of September 11, 2001, was his willingness to go against the enviro-wacko sentiments of the previous administration and refuse to enact the one-sides, anti-capitalist Kyoto accords pushed by Al Gore.

Apparently, President Bush has been pushed into submission by Gore at long last, as he agreed in principle to follow a new set of climate standards, not that different from the Kyoto Accords, following the most recent summit of the G-8 leaders.

According to BBC News.com, “No mandatory target was set for the cuts, but [German PM] Mrs Merkel’s preference for a 50% emissions cut by the year 2050 was included in the agreed statement.”

Frankly, the world would have been better off if the group had spent the entire meeting playing Ping Golf.