Florida revolts against Limbaugh censorship!

Broward County, Florida county commissioners quickly learned this week that no matter how liberal their county is, no one wants elected Dems making their irrational hatred of all things conservative public policy. To wit: the county was set to cancel using local radio station WIOD AM 610 as the county’s official channel for emergency information simply because … the station also airs Rush Limbaugh.

Public reaction by local WIOD listeners against the board’s petty political posturing was so intense, it had the county commissioners looking into some short-term term life insurance. And conservatives weren’t very happy about the censorship attempt, either.

But, by the end of Wednesday, the board was cowed by conservative criticism, mauled by moderates and lashed by limousine liberals who still care about free speech, even if they hate Limbaugh. So the county decided to retain their status with WIOD.

That’s the ticket to electoral victory, Dems… pretend the opposition doesn’t exist! Whee!

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