Bloomberg makes a more-honest man of himself

Current New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, the “favorite Republican” of all New York media types who can’t pair the words “favorite” and “Republican” together in a polite sentence, but of no one in the GOP, has dropped out of the GOP.

Well, at least he’s finally being honest with himself. Bloomberg, neither a conservative nor a real Republican, is halfway to being completely honest. He’s admitted he’s no longer in the GOP this week, filing in New York as an independent. Now he just needs to admit that his values have far more in common with than the Cato Institute, and we’ll finally have the political breakthrough the world has been waiting for: a liberal Republican finally admitting he’s a sham artist out to win election under the GOP banner that he’d never win under more honest labeling.

Of course, don’t tell that to the New York Times, who is hoping Bloomberg can win as an independent if Hillary falls short. Either way, the entire drug-addled staff is readying their vans and their van racks for a return to the hippie hippie 70s, just as soon as Bush is either impeached for no reason at all (which they still believe is possible) or finally leaves office in favor of… anyone except a Republican.

Boy, are they gonna have a hangover when they wake up in November ’08 to President Newt Gingrich and Vice-President Mike Huckabee, or what? Heh-heh-heh.

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