55 percent of Democrats DON’T want to impeach Bush!

Whipped into a frenzy of wanting to do it just because they might be able to pull it off, congressional Democrats have nearly 45 percent of America at least tentatively agreeing to support impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush, according to poll results reported on Breitbart.com.

The poll was conducted by the New Hampshire-based ARG, and canvassed only 1,100 carefully-selected Americans. So the upshot is really that as much as they hate him, 55 percent of Democrats DON’T support impeachment of the Bush-meister! Because you know that’s all they polled in order to reach such a ridiculous result.

This is all, of course, payback hopes for the impeachment (but not removal) of Bill Clinton for perjury and obstructing justice (which is what his impeachment was about… not sex in and of itself.) Good ol’ Bubba Bill never had the hair transplant Florida concerns of Al Gore, John Kerry or Sen. Rodham, his wife. But there are still plenty of Dems just foaming at the mouth to impeach a Republican – any Republican would do – as payback for an embarrassment Clinton would never have suffered if he’d just told the truth.

Oops. Too much to ask.

But at least there were legal reasons to impeach President Bubba. Bush, on the other hand, is guilty of nothing in particular except being hated by liberals. Hardly an impeachable offense … unless you are a liberal feel-tank propagandist. (Since it’s fairly clear that no liberal since John F. Kennedy has actually engaged in THINKING.)

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