Consensus by committee? A communist tactic!

Former Vice-President and self-appointed expert on climate change, global warming conspiracy theorist and propagandist Algore has long touted the authority of his “global warming committee” that “finally has agreed there is a consensus that global warming is no longer a theory. It is established scientific fact.”

Of course, that’s bunk. But it took a real scientist from a completely different field of study to put the reason it’s bunk into the best wording possible.

At the recent Jerusalem Forgery Conference, speaking about alleged forgeries “unmasked” by Yuval Goren of Tel Aviv University, in which he has ultimately come to claim that perhaps as many as one-third of biblical artifacts with early inscriptions are modern forgeries, and has had his views backed up by a committee hand-selected to agree with him, received a verbal spanking from Gabriel Barkay.

Gabriel Barkay is a professor of Biblical archeology at Bar Ilan University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His academic areas of interest include the archeology of Jerusalem, burials and burial customs, and art, epigraphy, and glyptics in the Iron Age.

This is Barkay’s words on the validity of “committees” in establishing scientific truth. Cozy up in your home theater seating, because this one’s GREAT:

“If a committee made up of the most important experts in the world decides that the earth is flat, it is not going to make the earth flat,” Barkay told the assembled scholars. “Committees, I think, are good for communist regimes. They establish a view that has to be accepted by all, but they are not for scientific methods.”

Exactly. Words Algore and all his Algorian disciples are probably biologically incapable of grasping. For the rest of us, though, we should pay attention and guard against the global warming propaganda. The jury is anything BUT in!

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