Sarkozy offers Iraq solution?

Now that communist Jacques Chirac is long gone and conservative Nicholas Sarkozy is in power in France, the French government is no longer treating US policy in Iraq like their personal toilet paper. In fact, Sarkozy’s government is offering to play a role in the War On Terror as, “an honest broker for peace” between the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites, according to online reports.

Sarkozy’s French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, recently said, “I believe this is the moment. Everyone knows the Americans will not be able to get this country out of difficulty alone. I really believe that depending on what happens here it will change the world. This is about having an opinion and knowing what positive things one can do and what role France can play in this region,” he said, adding that Iraq was “expecting something” from France, according to a report in the International Herald-Tribune.

Both the right and left press in France seem to approve of the new direction, according to the IHT report.

“France owed it to itself to return to Iraq,” conservative newspaper Le Figaro said in an editorial Tuesday. “You can shut yourself off for four years in the conviction to have been right but that doesn’t increase the role our country plays on the international scene.”

Left-leaning Le Monde added, “It’s time to stop lecturing the Americans about their errors and start contributing to a solution.”

See? There are some leaders in France worth listening to. Now watch Michael Moore make newly anti-Chirac France the target of his next propaganda piece. That’d at least be more stimulating than Sicko, his essay on pulse oximeter devices or something… no one saw it, or remembers.

Lowest ever for Congress!

The liberal-stream media love to point out President Bush’s low poll numbers, but the story you’re not hearing from Katie, Charles and Brian is this: Congress’ approval rating is worse by far under Democratic leaders Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

In fact, it’s at an historic low, matched only one or two other times since polls have started being taken. Only 18 percent approve of the Dem-controlled Congress. Where are the headlines? Can’t allow ’em. Might hurt the Dems. Can’t have that, can we, Katie, Charles and Brian?

How low is 18 percent? Well, in certain backwater areas of Louisiana, you can still dig up about 18 percent of the people who think Hitler had some good ideas. That’s how low 18 percent is.

It’s so low that if Congressional pay were based on job approval, Pelosi and Reid would be dining in the Old Congressional Boiler Room instead of at executive desks.

By comparison, Bush is soaring! His approval numbers stand at 32 percent! Lofty, ain’t it?

What this may actually reveal is what the real “extremist” factions stand at in terms of real numbers.

Only 18 percent of the hardest-core of hardcore Democrats can stomach the current Dem-controlled Congress. Only 32 percent can stomach Bush. The 50 percent in between can’t stand either side.

I believe it was Voltaire who put this situation into words best: Hell is other people.

It’s a catfight!

The claws are out and the cats are warming up, even in the absence of Atlanta Falcon QB Michael Vick: Campaing 2008 is turning into a cat fight. In one corner, hailing from Illinois by way of Arkansas, Washington DC and New York, it’s Hillary “Maul His Balls” Rodham-Clinton.

And in the other corner, in the politically-correct-hued trunks, also from Chicago and, apparently, a kindergarten playground, it’s Michelle “He’s Black Enough for Me… Where It Counts!” Obama!


Where’s Michael Buffer when you need him.

The cat fight between Hillary and Michelle heated up over the weekend when she took a shot Sen. Rodham by suggesting that until Hill can keep husband Bill’s “slick Willie” where it belongs, she ought not be running for President.

“One of the things, the important aspects of this race is role modeling what good families should look like,” Michelle Obama said at a Women for Obama event. “And my view is that if you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House.”

Not a bad turn of phrase, not a bad life philosophy. But Michelle, be very careful. Your hubby’s a Democrat; you just might have to live those words down someday. Especially if the Clinton Collective has anything to say about it. Since you libs apparently read more books than us conservatives, you should be able to anticipate this for yourself!

Don’t forget: Resistance is futile!

Bank holiday … in a bad way!

According to the latest government and industry figures, foreclosures are up 9 percent between June and July of this year, and up over 93 percent since last year at this time. But before you start crying about the banking boogeymen, let’s keep in mind that, as consumers, some of the responsibility for this “can’t pay the mortgage” peril of Polly mess is from our own stupid mistakes.

Right now, the industry is rife with too-good-to-be-true financing deals, and now that these loans are starting to get some legs under then and the fine print starts smacking buyers upside their heads, the reason is clear: the loan terms WERE too good to be true.

Much of the housing boom of the past decade or so has hinged on out-of-control property revaluations – a hidden form of taxation – paired with “cheap credit” loans in which the average Wal-Mart employee can get approved for a $150,000 loan, only to find out he or she can’t keep up the expenses, bills and assessments made against such a spendy property. Easy credit means easy foreclosure.

Been there, learned the lesson, never gonna make the same mistake again. Keep in mind what our fathers all told us: nothing in life is free. Medicine like a strong dose of reality like that can cure much more than any nutritional supplements you can find.

Burping toward infamy

Sometimes I think it would be better to just round up all the liberals into one big pay-per-view event, presented by Vince McMahon, and let the libs fight it out amongst themselves. What brought on this Swiftian proposal? Goodness, it’s so ridiculous I feat it’s actually an article by The Onion and not a genuine news organization. If only. At least then, it’d be funny, not the basis of wacky Democratic policy wonk writings.

Seems the Norwegian moose has been found by animal researched to be a very gaseous fellow. Between the belching and other passings of gas, some Algorian idiot has now decided that the Norwegian moose is now a bigger threat to “global warming” than, well, cars!

What the–?

Even when meeting them on their own logical turf, they don’t achieve any sort of logic! Check out the story for yourself here.

According to the German Web site, Spiegel, “a grown moose can produce 2,100 kilos of methane a year — equivalent to the CO2 output resulting from a 13,000 kilometer car journey … Norway has some 120,000 moose but an estimated 35,000 are expected to be killed in this year’s moose hunting season, which starts on September 25.”

So, let me get this straight. If your an Algorian enviro-whacko, you must be pro-hunting, then, right? Someone tell PETA, lock ’em both up and settle this dispute Thunderdome-style.

“Two libs enter! One lib leaves!”

I’d pull up some bar stools for me and a few friends for THAT one…

Schroeder a "book person"?

Former Colorado Democratic Congresswoman Pat Schroeder is claiming that liberal readers read more books than conservative ones. Of course, if you look past her posturing, it’s pretty much all B.S. and selective interpretation of the so-called “facts.”

But from whence did the one-time feminazi abortion-pusher suddenly become a source of all knowledge on books and the reading habits of political types? Apparently she lied Congress off her resume to land a job as the head of American Association of Publishers.

In the wake of another “1,000 carefully selected respondents to our poll tell us what YOU think even though we didn’t ask you” public opinion poll, which insisted that 22 percent of liberals “have not read a book in the last year,” compared to 34 percent of conservatives.

Apparently Schroeder and the AAP didn’t get the message from how prodigiously Ann Coulter’s Treason outsold Hillary Clinton’s Living History back in 2003: liberal books get trounced by conservative books when it comes to sales.

The poll also shows that there’s not much difference between liberals and conservatives who do read, though that was given the convenient brushover by Schroeder. Specifically, among political type who do read books, liberals average nine books a year, conservatives eight.

The kicker is actually what we learn about about the so-called “intellectual middle.” The wishy-washy types only average about five books a year, making them the least-well-read among literate types. Maybe if they picked up a few more books, they might actually learn enough to choose a side.

Of course, books aren’t the only things that measure how much a person reads; magazines and newspapers were not measured in the poll, let alone blogs, Web pages and such.

Sloppy work, Patty. When I want you’re opinion, I’ll ask you about animal print bedding, not reading habits.

Oooh! Ooohh-oooohh! Mr. Future President!

With all the jockeying going on between states who want to take away the tradition of starting the presidential campaign season in Iowa and New Hampshire is heating up as Florida and, perhaps, Michigan are the latest states who want their votes to be counted first.

This whole electoral snafu is a barometer for the shape of the current Democratic Party and the relationship between grassroots state party chairs and the Democratic National Committee big-wigs who are supposed to be in control of them. Turns out the DNC types are about as in control of their state party leaders as a truck bed liner is in control of a Ford F-150.

With the Democratic-led Congress’ approval ratings now as low as 16 percent, about half of President Bush’s own dismal ratings, things couldn’t be worse right now for the Dems, and they probably don’t even realize, since they feel like they’re only on Hillary-Obama ticket away from the old days when all Republican leaders were in the minority posts or out of power entirely.

Don’t be so sure of the status quo, my liberal friends.

Bloomberg playing presidential mindgames

Current New York City mayor and former RINO Republican Michael Bloomberg, now an independent, has admitted the bloody obvious to Dan Rather of HDNet TV, the high-def news channel that hired Rather after he was dumped by CBS.

“Nobody’s going to elect me president of the United States,” Bloomberg told Rather.

Damn right.

While news sources love to fantasize about middle-of-the road candidates who would sweep into the White House by marginalizing both Republican and Democratic extremists, the truth is that middle-of-the-road voters tend to be suspicious of third-party candidates, more than they are actually supportive. And their middle-ground political positions tend to alienate both conservatives and liberals alike.

The idea that most of America exists in the center is more myth than reality. The truth is that there isn’t really a true middle-of-the-road position that is an identifiable ideology. Instead, such labels come from voters who are mostly conservative or mostly liberal, but split from there party on a couple key issues.

For example, the “Reagan Democrats” that swept Ronald Reagan to two overwhemling presidential victories were made of up traditional Democratic Catholics – laber union workers and the like – who felt ill-at-ease with the late 1970s pro-abortion dominance of their party and, feeling pushed aside as pro-lifers, flocked to Reagan’s candidacy over their convictions on abortion in that period of time. The result was that most of the “cultural conservatives” that once peacefully co-existed with liberals in the Democratic party voted for Reagan.

The opposite tends to be true today. Republicans who are cultural conservatives (rather than just fiscal, Wall Street conservatives) are feeling increasingly disaffected by the “compassionate conservatism” that is a mask for RINO Republicans to wear, and who dominate much of today’s GOP. While Bush is an example of this, the prospects for the future are made even more bleak for GOP cultural conservatives who look at front-runners like Rudy Guiliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney and even to some extent, Fred Thompson, and see no hope ahead for a more conservative voice at the head of the party, short of an 11th-hour Newt Gingrich bid.

It is largely these disaffected cultural conservatives, many of them former Reagan Democrats, who decided to give Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and their ilk a shot at controlling Congress, only to become even more disgusted with them than they were the GOP.

Trouble is, most so-called third-party candidates like Schwarzenegger (who can’t run), Bloomberg and, on the Democratic side, Joe Lieberman, aren’t really middle-of-the-roaders to begin with. They are simply watered down versions of the mainstream candidates of their respective parties.

So, give Mike Bloomberg a couple Swiss Army watches for realizing the bloody obvious. Third party candidates are a myth and no one really ever votes for them in sufficient numbers to win anyway – at least not since Teddy Roosevelt’s re-election bid under the Bull Moose Party. No one would elect Bloomberg to anything because the power and fundraising lies within the two major parties, neither of whom are interested in wishy-washy middle-of-the-roaders.

Schoolyard name-calling stunt to buoy Edwards’ profile?

I’m just hazarding a guess, but I suspect Elizabath Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential candidate and village idiot, former Sen. John Edwards, and conservative columnist Ann Coulter, won’t be sharing bunk beds at summer camp any time soon.

In an attempt to make his failing candidacy relevant again, Edwards tried to stir up his dormant feud with Coulter in a recent campaign stop, telling the crowd his wife stood up to Coulter’s “attacks” earlier this summer. Well then, maybe Elizabeth should be running for president and not you, Sen. Edwards!

Edwards used the “shoot first and apologize later” strategy in the campaign stop, calling Coulter a “she-devil” and then immediately apologizing for name-calling. Which is kind of like Mike Tyson biting off Evander Holyfield’s ear and then saying, “Opps, I shouldn’t have done that, I abhor violence” in the post-match interview.

Everyone together now: “Yeah…. riiiiiiiiiight!”

Coulter appeared on Hardball recently, and when asked about the criticism she took for calling Sen. Edwards a “faggot” at a conservative conference, she referenced a nasty remark comic Bill Maher had made about Vice President Dick Cheney in her response.

For background’s sake, Maher said of Cheney that he thought it would be killed in a trip to Afghanistan. So, Coulter mimicked the line, saying that, “If I’m gonna say anything about John Edwards in the future, I’ll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot.”

Of course, no one in the liberal media was willing to acknowledge the liberal Bill Maher’s precedent-setting remark about Cheney, and it became another “Coulter is hateful!” fallout, with Elizabeth Edwards calling up and “begging” Coulter to stop the name-calling.

But, umm… this was all before Sen. Edwards called Coulter a she-devil. Apparently a cessation of name-calling can only go one way in the minds of most Democrats.

The 35W bridge collapse: Blaming the GOP in record time

It didn’t take Minnesota liberals long to politicize Minnesota’s biggest tragedy. On the same night the bridge went down, while useful people were volunteering to help professional rescue workers save lives, Minnesota liberals were busy finding ways to blame the tragedy on the GOP.

In fact, one state Democrat laid the blame squarely on Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty’s doorstep. He went so far as to say this on local television:

“If Governor Pawlenty had passed our five-cent per gallon fuel tax hike in this state, today’s tragedy would never have happened.”

A statement, by the way, that makes an ass of him even in the playbook or most Democrats. Apparently his speechwriter worked on the movie script for THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. And makes as little sense.

It’s all a bit soon, isn’t it? Here we are, some 60 years removed from FDR’s presidency and Democrats still won’t tolerate a harmless “president in a wheelchair/FDR in a footrace” jokes. And we’re to trust them for what’s tacky and what’s not?

As far as I’m concerned, they all need a time out at a Pigeon Forge cabin rental. You know… to think about what they’ve done.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will be busy trying to rebuild that FEDERALLY-FUNDED bridge that state transportation money (including that five-cent gas tax hike) never would have affected, since those are STATE funds. Thanks for the help, guys.

Romney still dissin’ YouTube

Mitt Romney is the only GOP holdout of the proposed YouTube debate between Republican presidential contenders to replace George W. Bush. I’m guessing after wining and dining and busing in a ton of his friends and family into an Ames, IA, GOP backyard barbecue, and winning the straw poll there after handing out the babyback ribs, he’s a bit too content with his Romneyic victory to worry about seeking more exposure on YouTube.

I mean, it’s about as impressive as the tone-deaf woman who shows up at a karaoke contest, screeches one out, but has her 20 best friends along to clap for her and ONLY for her, no matter how good they sang and how bad she sang.

Or the Internet, period. Heck, someone might catch him in a contradiction and have the video evidence to prove it right then and there.

Like his flips on abortion and his flops on gay marriage. Who does he really want to please … the GOP base that elected Bush, or the Michael Moore liberals who will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever like him… let alone vote for him.

Maybe it’s time he took up a hobby planting silk trees while the big boys talk foreign policy in a post-9/11 world. Meanwhile, Mitt, I’ll give you something to figure out in the meantime: Sesame Street, produced in your native Massachusetts, is neither a sesame, nor a street. Discuss amongst… yourself.

A Romneyic Victory

Mitt Romney won the Ames straw poll for presidential preference among Iowa Republicans this past weekend, proving nothing.

Well, at least he showed up. Absent were the real campaign heavyweights. Missing in action were RINO favorites like Rudy Guiliani and the candidate destined to hawk incontinence supplies on late-night TV ads, Sen. John McCain, as well as the still-not-quite-fully-declared faves, Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich.

So, again, Mitt Romney won an Ames, IA, straw poll, proving nothing.

It’s like naming Sneezy the best of the Seven Dwarves. The only sane response to that is to say, “OK. Sure. So when do the REAL candidates get here?” Until he really goes up against Guiliani, Thompson and Gingrich, Romney’s becoming the new poster boy to have his name define a meaningless win. Forget Pyhrric victories; from now on, they ought to be known as Romneyic victories.

But hey… at least Romney’s win drove one other RINO candidate out of the race. That OTHER Thompson… Tommy, best known for his four terms as governor of Wisconsin… finally dropped out of the race when it became clear he couldn’t even beat Mitt Romney, let alone any of the big boys.

So at least there’s that.

For the hard-of-thinking: Mitt Romney won a presidential poll no other serious candidate showed up for, accomplishing nothing.