Lowest ever for Congress!

The liberal-stream media love to point out President Bush’s low poll numbers, but the story you’re not hearing from Katie, Charles and Brian is this: Congress’ approval rating is worse by far under Democratic leaders Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

In fact, it’s at an historic low, matched only one or two other times since polls have started being taken. Only 18 percent approve of the Dem-controlled Congress. Where are the headlines? Can’t allow ’em. Might hurt the Dems. Can’t have that, can we, Katie, Charles and Brian?

How low is 18 percent? Well, in certain backwater areas of Louisiana, you can still dig up about 18 percent of the people who think Hitler had some good ideas. That’s how low 18 percent is.

It’s so low that if Congressional pay were based on job approval, Pelosi and Reid would be dining in the Old Congressional Boiler Room instead of at executive desks.

By comparison, Bush is soaring! His approval numbers stand at 32 percent! Lofty, ain’t it?

What this may actually reveal is what the real “extremist” factions stand at in terms of real numbers.

Only 18 percent of the hardest-core of hardcore Democrats can stomach the current Dem-controlled Congress. Only 32 percent can stomach Bush. The 50 percent in between can’t stand either side.

I believe it was Voltaire who put this situation into words best: Hell is other people.

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