Oooh! Ooohh-oooohh! Mr. Future President!

With all the jockeying going on between states who want to take away the tradition of starting the presidential campaign season in Iowa and New Hampshire is heating up as Florida and, perhaps, Michigan are the latest states who want their votes to be counted first.

This whole electoral snafu is a barometer for the shape of the current Democratic Party and the relationship between grassroots state party chairs and the Democratic National Committee big-wigs who are supposed to be in control of them. Turns out the DNC types are about as in control of their state party leaders as a truck bed liner is in control of a Ford F-150.

With the Democratic-led Congress’ approval ratings now as low as 16 percent, about half of President Bush’s own dismal ratings, things couldn’t be worse right now for the Dems, and they probably don’t even realize, since they feel like they’re only on Hillary-Obama ticket away from the old days when all Republican leaders were in the minority posts or out of power entirely.

Don’t be so sure of the status quo, my liberal friends.

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