Schroeder a "book person"?

Former Colorado Democratic Congresswoman Pat Schroeder is claiming that liberal readers read more books than conservative ones. Of course, if you look past her posturing, it’s pretty much all B.S. and selective interpretation of the so-called “facts.”

But from whence did the one-time feminazi abortion-pusher suddenly become a source of all knowledge on books and the reading habits of political types? Apparently she lied Congress off her resume to land a job as the head of American Association of Publishers.

In the wake of another “1,000 carefully selected respondents to our poll tell us what YOU think even though we didn’t ask you” public opinion poll, which insisted that 22 percent of liberals “have not read a book in the last year,” compared to 34 percent of conservatives.

Apparently Schroeder and the AAP didn’t get the message from how prodigiously Ann Coulter’s Treason outsold Hillary Clinton’s Living History back in 2003: liberal books get trounced by conservative books when it comes to sales.

The poll also shows that there’s not much difference between liberals and conservatives who do read, though that was given the convenient brushover by Schroeder. Specifically, among political type who do read books, liberals average nine books a year, conservatives eight.

The kicker is actually what we learn about about the so-called “intellectual middle.” The wishy-washy types only average about five books a year, making them the least-well-read among literate types. Maybe if they picked up a few more books, they might actually learn enough to choose a side.

Of course, books aren’t the only things that measure how much a person reads; magazines and newspapers were not measured in the poll, let alone blogs, Web pages and such.

Sloppy work, Patty. When I want you’re opinion, I’ll ask you about animal print bedding, not reading habits.

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