Islamic Jihad attempts to bomb Israeli day care

A Palestinian militant group believed to be funded in part by Iran attempted to bomb an Israeli day care on Monday.

While the bomb, launched from the Gaza Strip, did not detonate and no children were hurt, the incident has been condemned by most international leaders – who then turn right around and tell Israel not to retaliate in even the most mild of ways, such as cutting off the flow of supplies until Hamas and Islamic Jihad call a cease fire. These same international leaders warn that such action would be, “morally indefensible.”

Some of these leaders apparently need brighter home lighting, since they can’t see the forest for the trees. That’s like having someone attempt to shoot a presidential candidate, but then tell the Secret Service not to take the shooter down because, “Well, he missed, so no harm done.”

Would that make sense? Certainly not!

Neither does telling Israel not to retaliate in any way at all.

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