Sorry, but no…

I recently received a handful of comments to this blog. Normally, I will publish most comments to my blog and rebuttal them in the comments section if I feel I must, even though I don’t always offer a rebuttal.

But I do have some ground rules, and they have nothing to do with whether someone agrees with me or not.

One of the primary ground rules I have is, don’t be a coward. If you’re gonna rip me or rip someone I’m writing about, put your name to your opinion. Anonymous posts won’t see the light of day here on Wonderful Pessimist, and that includes names that are obviously Web handles or some other form of alias.

That wasn’t the problem with this latest round of comments, though. They had real (or what seemed to be real) names attached to them.

I also run a family-friendly blog for the most part, so a potty-mouth gets you booted here as well.

Again, that wasn’t the problem this time.

No, these comments were a different sort and something I am equally opposed to: you do NOT get to use comments to MY blog to promote the candidate of YOUR choice. Whether it’s a candidate I like or a candidate I hate, you don’t get to campaign for someone via comments to MY blog.

I realize it can be a fine line at times, discriminating between what’s a fair comment and what is campaigning. And you know what? I’m not going to define it here in definite terms. This is, after all, MY blog and I – I ALONE – get to decide what goes on and what doesn’t go on it.

Sound unfair and dictatorial? Too bad. This is a private, personal blog and while I welcome comments and will usually publish most of them whether they agree with me or not, when push comes to shove, Wonderful Pessimist is MY space, not anyone else’s. I say what goes and what doesn’t and I make no apologies for it.

And right now, I am saying that comments that are disguised campaign ads DON’T GO.

Don’t like it? Get your own blog. Then you can publish and reject whatever you want, too! Heck, they’re even free! is the address. Use it and get your own blog and then you can say whatever you want to say, campaign for whoever you want to campaign for and do or don’t do whatever pleases you.

But not here. This is not YOUR campaign central. If it’s ANYONE’S campaign central, it’s mine. If you want your comment to appear here, keep your campaigning out of it or it never will appear here.

Oh, and for all those “politics of feelings” liberals who might be reading… all the “campaign comments” I rejected were for GOP candidates, so no, I’m not suppressing just Dems on this site. I’m suppressing anyone who’s not me. So relax.

And in reality, I’m not truly suppressing anyone, because Wonderful Pessimist is NOT a public forum; it’s mine.

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