Bush goes lame duck

It took until September 2007, but President George W. Bush has finally gone lame duck. In nominating former Federal Judge Michael Mukasey as the next attorney general, following Alberto Gonzales, who steps down this month, Bush signaled that he’s tired of fighting Democrats to win victories for the conservative cause.

I suppose it was inevitable; not everyone is a Ronald Reagan. But with a much more solid conservative, Ted Olson, husband of former conservative commentator Barbara Olson, who perished in the 9-11 attacks, waiting in the wings, choosing Mukasey was definitely the easy way out.

Here’s the first sign of trouble: the Democrats approve of him. Don’t expect any conservative the Dems approve of to be anything more conservative than jumpin’ Jim Jeffords or John McCain – RINOs through and through.

Here’s the second sign of trouble: the press generally approves of Mukasey. Before you know it, Osama bin-Laden and Satan himself will be saying Mukasey’s a darn good guy for the job.

Time to flee to that Orlando rental home.

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