On Iraq: Dems predict 68 votes, get 47

The party of defeat, the Democrats, made Amer– er, make that MoveOn.org, who they are more interested in pleasing than actual Americans — let’s start over.

The party of defeat, the Democrats, promised MoveOn.org 68 veto-proof votes on an attempt to end the war in Iraq by Congressional subversion of the President’s role as commander in chief, but when roll call was taken, according to Politico.com’s in-house blog, The Crypt, the actual tally came to 47 in favor, 47 opposed and six abstaining from making their opinion known in a run-up to an election year.

The Crypt offers this analysis:

The rejection of the Levin-Reed [withdrawal from Iraq] proposal means the only amendment passed by the Senate this week was a resounding 72-25 condemnation of the now infamous MoveOn.org ad that portrayed Gen. David Petraeus as “General Betray Us.” While Republicans have enjoyed a good ride ripping MoveOn and the anti-war movement for the past two weeks, Democrats have scaled back the expectation that many Republicans would join them and vote on binding measures to end the war.

Some moderates that have been targeted by Democrats as possible vote-switchers on the war seem to be turned off with the no-compromise attitude of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Keep in mind, these are the same Democrats predicting they will gain 60 House seats and sweep the Senate races in ’08 to create a veto-proof, filibuster-proof Congressional majority.

Yeah. Right. That’ll happen, too. Sounds like SOME political party needs to put their 11-percent-approval-rating-ignoring ego on a hoodia diet.

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