Clinton impatient when questioned by … the little guy

Democrats like U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham love to claim they’re “in it to fight for the little guy.” Until, that is, the little guy asks too many uncomfortable questions.

As a whistle-stop gathering in New Hampton, Iowa, an attendee who claimed to be a lifelong Democrat pressed Sen. Rodham on a recent vote in favor of calling the army of Iran a “terrorist organization.” The “little guy” and the presidential hopeful got into a verbal shoutdown in which Sen. Rodham did everything but answer the question put to her.


Well, she told the guy he was wrong, then accused him of being a plant from the GOP or a Democratic opponent, and then eventually closed off the altercation, which never went beyond the verbal, by again telling him she’d have her staff send him information that would prove she was right and he was wrong.

If anyone can prevent Hillary from taking the nomination after Obama’s Howard Dean moment this past weekend, it’s Hillary herself. Treating “little guys” like Iowa Democrat voter Randall Rolph like this could create huge backlash; voters have better recall than Dell memory for PCs for meltdown moments like this.

Obama down. Hillary down. Is there anyone left for the Dems who’s NOT an obvious whacko who could take over the frontrunner position for the Dem nod?

Uhh, put your hand DOWN, Sen. Edwards. You too, for that matter, Rep. Kucinich. That question was to the adults in the Democratic pack…

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