Euro judge finds Inconvenient Truth full of errors

Although it is certain to be downplayed in the press and by Nobel winner Algore himself, the propaganda film An Inconvenient Truth, which claims humans are causing global warming and about to kill the entire planet with the next beer fart, has been officially cited with at least nine errors that must be pointed out to EuroTeens when schools screen the film to brainwash their kids throughout Europe.

According to the London Times Online:

Mr Justice Burton ruled that, although it was broadly correct, An Inconvenient Truth contained at least nine scientific errors and said ministers must send new guidance to teachers before it was screened. The judge said, for example, that Gore was wrong to suggest polar bears were already drowning due to ice melting when this was just a prediction.

Wonderful Pessimist will attempt to track down the list of nine errors the judge made official with his ruling. Of course, many other sites already have this list and several list many more errors the UK judge overlooked.

In the meantime, if anyone wants some clear-headed science on the environment, Great Britain’s Channel 4 documentary, The Great Global Warming Swindle, is still a top recommendation of this blog! In the meantime, invest in some Broward County real estate and watch it from the comfort of a Florida home; rising sea levels? Ha!

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