Eww, Grosswiler! Another liberal professor dazzles us all…

Folks in Maine better invest in an Android for all the calls they’ll soon be getting from conservative talk radio, especially students at the University of Main in Orono, ME.

That’s because the university finds itself home to the latest liberal nutbar to fall off the Jimmy Carter peanut tree. Sophomore Rebekah McDade is alleging that Maine associate professor Paul Grosswiler offered extra credit to class members if they burned the American flag or the U.S. Constitution or were arrested defending free speech. See the full story here.

Proving once again that in Liberal Lakes, words have no meaning, Grosswiler defended himself with this random string of meaningless-unless-we-assign-value-to-them objects of attempted communication:

“I don’t intend for students to burn either the Constitution or the flag, and over the years hundreds of students have understood that,” Grosswiler wrote.

Let’s see… extra credit if you do it. I don’t intend for you to do it.

Yeah. Ummm……


I stand in awe of such obvious intellect. Next class, Professor Orwell?

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