Hills can’t even manage a proper exit

A set of four flags became a set of negative exit poles for Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Hillary Rodham (D-NY) as she capped a “nightmare week from hell” by botching an “exit stage left” move on Veteran’s Day. With the help of a careless aid sweeping aside a curtain for her, a set of four flags tumbled in front of the former First Lady, creating a ruckus that lent itself to political interpretation.

“I think the bases are not weighted enough,” Clinton said as she propped flags back up, according to an ABCNews.com report that includes a nifty video of the event. Be sure you have your HDMI switches working when you watch this one! You won’t want to miss a pixel.

Lots of fellow conservative bloggers are having fun with the whole “even the flag attacks her” political spin. I think the straightforward interpretation is preferable: Sen. Rodham’s campaign is a bit careless and mistake prone, lately, and it’s showing her vulnerability. Hillary is not beyond her own sort of Howard Dean moment. In fact, in the last week, she’s had hardly anything but.

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