The Constitution on trial!

Check your life insurance policies, folks, the battle is on!

This week, just before the Thanksgiving holiday, the US Supreme Court agreed to review a Second Amendment case. At issue are the District of Columbia’s anti-gun ownership laws, the strictest in the nation. Yet it puts the highest court in the land at the center of judging the constitutionality of the U.S. Constitution itself, if gun opponents have their way.

Now, thanks to Bush appointees, most suspect that at worst, the Second Amendment will be protected by a 5-4 vote, but don’t be so sure just yet. Keep in mind that the Roberts court is the same one that decided to damage personal property rights and trivialize the real meaning of eminent domain a couple years ago, in essence ruling that private homes could be condemned to make way for shopping malls and parking lots, even in times of peace. In other words, the Roberts court has gotten in wrong before.

As I’ve often said, I don’t own a gun; but I value the freedom of knowing that I have the option. Gun ownership is an individual right because the key phrase is, “the right of the people.” It’s only used a handful of times and in every other instance, whatever rights are enumerated thereafter have been deemed individual, not collective, rights.

Watch out if the high court decided otherwise because if the Supremes can, by fiat, make the Second Amendment null and void, anyone who values freedoms like speech, religion and assembly, to name a few, better beware, because those could be overtuned next!

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