NBC reporter calls Bush “monkey,” apologizes

I wonder if NBC reporter Erin Burnett will get some White House custom pens after apologizing to President Bush after calling him a “monkey” on the air. The comment, more than a mere slip of the lip, happened last week around the same time CNN aired its joke of a Republican debate in which so-called “undecided Republican voters” have been revealed to be nothing but a lot of Democratic operatives.

And yet, some idiotic MoveOn.org types want to seriously suggest that the media, by and large, has a conservative bias? Please; we have brains.

Also, according to a recent survey, Republicans report a higher rate of good mental health than do liberals or independents. Maybe that’s why, when our candidates do lose, we don’t need grief counseling. Instead, we learn from it and go on to battle another election.

All I know is, if Barack Obama were president, that “monkey” comment wouldn’t have been excused by a simple apology; she’d be on the permanently unemployed line!

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