Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, vying for the GOP presidential nomination, really put his foot in his mouth when trying to take a swipe at fellow GOP nominee, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. In a comment apparently designed to stir up doubts about Romney, Huckabee recently commented, “Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers?”

What a mess.

First off, as a former Baptist preacher, Huckabee not only should know better, he probably does. Second of all, for all his religious supporters, Huckabee needs to remember that he’s not up for a Baptist pulpit opening; he’s aiming for the White House, not the Pearly Gates.

While Huckabee’s support is booming at the moment, if he keeps up such cynical slurs, that support will quickly dry up. Maybe his campaign buses need new espresso machines to keep him on a more even keel. I’m not sure if Huckabee, Romney or Thomson have my support in the Minnesota caucus quite yet, but Huckabee’s offended this “religious conservative” by the use of such hardball smearing tactics.

Seems Huckabee inherited some of Bill Clinton’s leftover disdain for opponents when he took office in Little Rock, AR, shortly after Clinton left. One would hope for a bit better than this from a Republican. The Politico claims the Huckster has at least apologized for his remark. That’s a good step; now, don’t go out and do the same thing again, or your apology is worthless; let’s see a real change in how you campaign from here through Super Tuesday, Mike.

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