Romney takes silver in New Hampshire

Don’t attempt to adjust your HDMI cables just yet; that was indeed RINO leader Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) claiming victory in the New Hampshire Republican primary yesterday. The candidate, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, came in second, just as he did in Iowa.

This result is not a surprise. In Wyoming over the weekend, Romney won the state handily because there were rules in place to make sure that those voting in the GOP caucus were actually Wyoming residents and GOP supporters. In Iowa and New Hampshire, proof of residency and party affiliation were not requires and so the potential for crossover voting to curb the conservative candidate’s momentum was high.

Be that as it may, results are results and the zombie-like McCain makes it two states in a row where the liberal media has chosen a favorite RINO to prop up in order to rob the conservative Romney of victory. In Iowa, the RINO of the moment was former Arizona Gov. Mike Huckabee; in New Hampshire, McCain.

Realistically, however, all that does is split the three earliest states to one each for Romney, McCain and Huckabee. Despite liberal media wishful thinking, Romney’s campaign is not devastated or on the verge of pulling out; he confirmed Tuesday he’s in it till then end.

“There have been three races so far. I’ve gotten two silvers and one gold – thank you Wyoming,” Romney said Tuesday night in a post-results press conference. “On to Michigan and South Carolina and Florida and Nevada. I’ll fight to be back here in November in those states and others.”

With 47 states to go, Romney remains the conservative candidate with the best chance of winning; Fred Thompson was barely a blip on the radar in New Hampshire, which means most of his supporters must be swinging toward Romney. It remains an interesting race, with a lot at stake for the future of the GOP.

Romney is the candidate who will offer Americans a choice; McCain, Huckabee and Guiliani offer only echoes of the Democrats.

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