Weeping her way to a win

It’s been known to win some females everything from their way out of a traffic ticket to a discount on Chrysler 300 accessories, but on Tuesday in New Hampshire, bold feminist resorted to the oldest of feminine wiles to eke her way past Barack Obama to a primary win: she cried her way to victory.

Hillary’s trail of tears began on Monday when she had “a breakdown” on the afternoon before the critical New Hampshire primary. Barack Obama was polling eight points ahead of her, beyond the margin of error, when Sen. Rodham turned on the waterworks in public. The next day, the Senator from New York defeated the Senator from Illinois by a margin of about three percent, 39-36.

When Sen. Rodham declared she would make history with her presidential run, she wasn’t kidding. When Maine Democratic Senator Edmund Muskie appeared to be weeping during an emotional defense of his wife after an article appeared in a New Hampshire newspaper critical of her, the apparent tears (which Muskie claimed was melted snow – and it was snowing that day) cost Muskie all the momentum of his candidacy and the Democrats went on to nominate left-wing loon George McGovern in 1972.

With her tear-filled victory in New Hampshire, Clinton has spiritually vindicated Muskie by proving – at least for the moment – that it may indeed be possible to cry your way into the White House.

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