Michigan may bring sanity to GOP primary

According to the latest McClatchy/MSNBC poll of Michigan voters released Sunday, it appears Michigan, like Wyoming before it, may bring some sanity to the GOP presidential nomination race. Rather than falling for fake conservative Mike Huckabee or RINO leader John McCain, the Wolverine State Republicans are apparently leaning toward a real conservative, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who is up on closest competitor John McCain, 30-22, an eight-point margin.

If that lead holds, Michigan could be the first big state to go for Romney and push his elector lead further ahead of his competitors. Behind the front two, Huckabee is third with 17 percent, followed by Fred Thompson with seven percent, Rudy Guiliani with six percent and Ron Paul with five percent. Michigan papers, known for their left-leaning editorial bias, put the Romney-McCain race closer, for the obvious reasons. Polls are typically an “invented news” method of political talent management on behalf of the mainstream media.

Still, the poll appears to include Democrats and independents who plan to vote in the GOP primary, so none of it is a true measure of GOP support; ultimately, it is the primary results themselves that matter most. The Michigan primary is scheduled for Tuesday, January 15.

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