Opinion: Boat Angel

I’ve spoken before about the good work done by Car Angel, but one thing I haven’t mentioned much is that cars are not the only sort of donations the company accepts; they also are willing to accept, restore and resell donated watercraft.

What’s all the fuss about? Why should people donate their used vehicles and watercraft to these folks? That’s easy. All the proceeds go to help make videos that help young children and teenagers in times of crisis. They’ve already given away over 2.4 million such videos to kids and teens in need, so they have their system down to a fine art.

A lot of times, charities will eat up a bunch of the money donated with so-called “overhead costs” or “administrative costs,” but that doesn’t seem to be the case with these folks; the restorations on donated vehicles are done gratis, and the proceeds of all sales go directly to fund the production and distribution of the videos in question. So if you’re looking to donate a car, or maybe even make a boat donation, check these guys out.

Over 2.4 million teens have already benefited; make sure they’re not the only ones.

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