Romney takes Bloomington … and Minnesota!

Let it never be said that is all blog and no action. I’m not just a bunch of fiber optic cables and high-speed Internet.

Yours truly is now the precinct chair of the GOP in my little neck of the woods in Minnesota. It’s a two-year chair term and I’ll do what I can to help conservatives be successful here. And I’ll be doing my part to help win the battle against the leftward drift of the party, typified by presidential candidate John McCain.

Already, there are encouraging signs that the precinct will see things the way; Mitt Romney won our precinct straw poll over McCain, 37-20. No one else was close. I think Hucka-bust had 17. While Romney isn’t the ideal candidate, he’s the best chance the GOP has to avoid liberal drift within the party, and despite being a precinct chair, you can bet will remain a Reagan conservative first and foremost, a Republican second, as far as politics goes.

That said, signs are not yet as encouraging as one might hope on the national front for Mitt; hopefully California will turn in his favor by the time all the votes are counted. In the meantime, remember the difference between this conservative blogger and the cloud of others; actually gets involved and tries to make a difference!

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