McCain’s running mate

When most peopel talk about who will partner with John McCain to run against Barack Obama, what most of the mainstream media wants to talk about is the 71-year-old senator’s age and how important it is he choose a young running mate.

Personally, I’m not enthralled by most of the names that are being bandied about. Sure, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Florida Governor Charlie Crist are young … but ideologically, they are as liberal as McCain is. As a person who supported Mitt Romney in the Minnesota caucus, I have to say that, far more important than age/youth balance is political balance.

OK, so the country club GOP is in control right now and we won’t have a real conservative at the top of the ticket this time out. Well, just on the off-chance that McCain does win, which is looking less and less likely every day, we should at least see a real conservative at the bottom of the ticket.

We dont’ need Pawlenty pushing green products down the throats of conservatives or Crist pushing late-term abortions down our throats, either.

My choice for McCain’s running mate? Former GOP Congressman from Oklahoma, J.C. Watts. He’s young, successful, principaled, an excellent conservative apologist, and he happens to be African American, which could blunt the Barack factor. Plus, Watts would make an excellent conservative president.

Watts would be the right call.

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