Guiliani could be part of McCain admin

Political mover NYC Rudy Guiliani may have failed miserably in his bid for the GOP nomination, but don’t count the former New York mayor out of a potential McCain administration. While it’s unlikely Guiliani would want to serve as McCain’s running mate, it’s likely that Guiliani could serve a key role in a McCain White House, should the Arizona senator prevail in November.

One likely post for Guiliani is the U.S. attorney general’s office; given his background as a prosecutor, that would make a lot of sense. And other potential posts have been mentioned as well, ranging from Secretary of State to Secretary of Homeland Security. Any of these three positions would be a good fit for a man of Rudy’s resume.

If McCain does win, he’d likely want to clean house and make a break from ties to the Bush Adminsitration, but even if he does, the GOP still has a strong bench of talent upon which McCain could call to fill out his cabinet without relying too heavily on holderovers from the Bush administration.

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