Obama wins Vermont?

It’s only 6:48 Eastern time as I write this, but online sources are already claiming that Barack Obama has won the state of Vermont, the first of four states to be decided tonight in mini-Tuesday, or as some are calling it, Super Tuesday II. That would extend to 13 the number of consecutive states won by Sen. Obama since Super Tuesday with Sen. Rodham’s campaign showing no signs of life heading into tonight.

Meanwhile, polls are scrambling to call the race a dead heat at the last minute, in the hope that Obama doesn’t carry all four states, take Hillary out of the running, and ensure that the news media’s heyday with the horserace for the Democratic nomination is over.

Others are also hoping to extend the Obama-Rodham feud. Radio host Rush Limbaugh has been actively urging Republicans in Texas to cross over to the Dem side for a day and keep Hillary’s campaign alive, with the goal of weakening the Dems by continuing the in-fighting.

Sound campaign strategy, and for now all that remains is to see if it works, or if Sen. Obama can start having his measurements taken for all those original movie posters that are going to be made, when the films are released about his underdog campaign victory over the Clinton machine.

Of course, if Obama loses to McCain in November, those Hollywood liberals will abandon him in nothing flat.

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